Supervisorial Redistricting Idea and Comment Form

Redistricting is a process that takes place every decade to redraw maps used to elect public officials. The way district lines are drawn will not only impact who communities have the power to elect, but ultimately our ability to shape the local policies that affect their everyday lives for years to come. The Orange County Board of Supervisors will decide what our districts look like. Previous supervisors drew maps to ensure their re-election and ensure that one political party retained control of the Board. This cycle, we cannot let that happen again.

The Orange County People’s Redistricting Alliance (PRA), a multiracial coalition of community-based organizations and residents, has drawn a map that is centering the lived experiences and needs of our most vulnerable communities that have been historically marginalized by local government. With our map, we plan to empower low-income communities and working families, and maximize opportunities for year-round organizing, policy advocacy, and narrative shifts that advance the progressive transformation of Orange County.

Support the OC People’s Redistricting Alliance Map by filling out this public comment form to the Board of Supervisors:

My ideas/comments are as follows

Highlight community issues and histories (in personal stories, if possible) that help demonstrate the importance of having elected officials who understand and respond to community needs. Share stories and data about community concerns to show how you feel your voices have been heard, or haven’t been heard. Examples: